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I recently had a numerology analysis with Ginni and I would like to thank her for the amazing Job she did. She was very accurate . Answering my questions without asking!!! She gave me time to talk . I had a feeling that I have known her for a long time. Very friendly and professional.
- Rania Desouky

Ginni Aneja is a superb Tarrot reader and numerologist who has helped me tremendously in my work and personal life. I would recommend all those who want to try numerology and tarot to surely visit her once. I have benefitted highly from her help.
- Nikhil Oza

Ginni is an excellent Numerologist and Tarot Card reader. She has given me excellent and very detailed information about personality. It was a great pleasure to know about my personality from Ginni.
- Abhishek Desai

Hey, thanks a lot for the numerology reading. It really helped me prepare for certain events. Very helpful and thanks for the amazing solutions. You were right about some important things.
- Abhishek Jhaveri

Ginni Aneja is an amazing Numerologist and a Tarot Card Reader. She mixes these two streams seamlessly to profile a person accurately and provide solutions. Ginni's analysis of my life and career was bang on. Her simple yet effective solutions are helping me streamline issues. I am sure her skills will make a lot more people around the world - extremely happy and sorted in life.
- Kiran Kulkarni

I don't have any words to describe Ginni Ma’am. She is a really nice human being with a golden heart & extremely talented in Numerology & Tarot card. A person like me had so many doubts, she has guided & given me the right path which helped me a lot in my career. I would strongly recommend to all my friends n people to visit at least once Ginni Ma'am. I bet you will get the solution to all of your problems.
- Varun Khanna

A sheer pleasure to pen down a testimonial for Ginni Ma'am, I once happen to read it's rare one comes across a Genuine Tarot and Numerologist coz for a person to be genuine and accurate with predictions and then guide the practitioner should be a Great Soul. Ginni Ma'am is just that! She was extremely honest, to the point & accurate. Within minutes I had all answers & there was much clarity & firmness with which she guides. I would strongly recommend her for doubts or problems relating to your professional/ personal life. Many thanks once again, Ma'am!
- Tejas Somaiya

When I came across the ma'am profile online, I was delighted to see how highly recommended it was in the first place, but I wanted to meet ma'am in person and I am glad I did! All my doubts were put to rest and I am glad I circled into ma'am class, not only was learning a smooth task, but it's fun to assimilate all the information and readings becomes easy peasy. Mind you it's not a cakewalk 'coz there is no spoon-feeding involved but once you take initiative and grasp all the info/knowledge you will enjoy learning with her! Thank you for your time, patience and I am truly indebted to you:)
- Tanya Ohri

In my case what Ginni ma'am said always comes true, she is an angel who always says true to everybody.
- Lalit Talreja

Ginni thnx a lot for your readings. They are exactly what we are facing in life. Thnx again for the circle of blessings that help the needy a lot.
- Nisha Thukral

Thank you u for the wonderful readings and everything u said seems to be coming true.
- Sanjay Kapri

Hi Ginni thanks yes path 3 test suits me m very talkative too, that's where m into HR profession.
- Poonam Singhania

Thanks for sending Angels to me. I have received them and having a so peaceful feeling since morning. I know they are around as am getting so many messages and answers in so many different ways. Imagine it's been only an hour n a half with them what next 5 days gonna bring it to you and hugs.
- Navsz Sohal

I recently consulted Ginni and very impressed as well. She is compassionate, honest and accurate in her predictions. I have found my new 'go to' advisor and look forward to long lasting bonding with Ginni. A bonding nurtured on my trust and faith on her and her honest and accurate predictions
- Anup Jalan

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