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Tarot Reading

Tarot taps into the subconscious energy of the person and the situation. we don't know how but it happens. To predict the probable future too as a plus, maybe its the guardian angels or spirit guides that help us.

This can be used for any questions you may have about the present times that may be disturbing you or in case you may need guidance about certain decisions.


This can be used for various kinds of readings to get an insight into the subconscious energy of the:


Parent child issues

We generally have our parents as models subconsciously and we may make the same mistake our parents did. No one actually knows how to be a parent hence this helps a great deal. This is a very important part of upbringing your child since not both the babies are same and you are a new parent to a new child every time. And since the personality / charterer and behaviour of every child is different, the upbringing model should also be based on that. Hence we guide you on what to do and not to do in upbringing of that particular baby / child.

Relationship Issues

  • Looking For A New Relationship
  • Affairs
Price per hour - ₹ 4,800/-

Career guidance for :

  • New Job
  • New Business
Price per hour - ₹ 4,800/-

Personality / character analysis of a person

  • Negative periods that you can lay low
  • Challenges in life
  • Positive periods that you can give a push to enhance
  • How the relationships may play out in your life
  • How the finances may play out in your life
  • What you need to change about your attitude and perception
  • What are your learning's
  • What are your strengths and passions
  • What can be the best career for you

Legal Battles Guidance

Price per hour - ₹ 4,800/-

Horoscope for new year

I would advice a mix of numerology and tarot for a proper insight into the energy of each new year horoscope as it helps to understand what one can expect, should do or not do in which month.

Price per hour - ₹ 4,800/-


Oracle Cards

These are mainly guidance readings and cards based on natural elements / entities like angles, fairies, mermaids, fairies or the oracle of spirits and higher guides They help in showing you the right path, the answers may not be direct but they are always perfect.

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