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The best time to approach me is when you don't have a situation so that you DONT HAVE TO face a situation.

Of Couse, you can always come if you are confused about your career choices, study streams, job selection, selecting the name of your baby, or are facing issues at work or in relationships. Tarot draws out the hidden energies and tells us what the underlying issue is and once that is tackled the game becomes easier.

People always feel it always involves changing your name, NO. in fact I generally don't advise it.

People also feel that changing your name can change your destiny. NO. It will only change your outlook so you attract better opportunities.

Depends on your country's timings,
For India - 2 pm - 7 pm
For Australia - 2 pm to 5 pm
For USA - 10 am to 12 pm or 7 pm onwards

No offline readings.

On WhatsApp, Email, and Call.

Slot is only confirmed after payment.

Online is definitely convenient and much easier because people can be comfortable at their homes and save traveling time. Besides, it makes it easy and less expensive for both parties involved & saves traveling money.

Numerology gives you an insight into the positive and negative energies into your life and time periods so we can find ways to enhance the positive and I can guide you to subdue the negative. It gives you an insight into which are the best career options so you can grow and prosper.

Recognize and live by your passion. You can never make others happy if you're not happy so fill your bank balance of joy & peace first. Stay away from people that bring stress, anxiety, and disruption of peace.

To a large extent as it pans out the life, tells you where you're going wrong and HOW you can set it right. If you don't know what you're doing wrong you will continue to do it and never be able to succeed. Whereas if you try other options that are best suited to your energy success is merely a by-product.

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