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Focus on GUIDANCE, not predictions. Predictions can be changed through your actions

Ms. Ginni Aneja age - 54, single mother of 2 grownup sons. With her passion to help people, she is been in this field for more than 10 years by putting her heart and soul into it.

She makes sure to meditate as it helps to tap into the energies. She loves reading people and their energies, as it comes naturally to her while enjoying the analysis. She started off as a hobby but it grew and since then she is trying her best to help people.

She has regular clients across the globe and all over India. Many of them are connected in her group on telegram. Over time, she has grown with her clients, they have taught her a lot, counseling and guiding them has taught her a lot about life as well.




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Tarot Card Reading

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About a significant change with client sessions

  • Some clients who were jobless for a long time got jobs in a matter of weeks and are now successful and happy.
  • A divorced man fed up with his ex-wife's nonsense, not able to meet his daughter and keep in touch was worried about losing her. After a healing session he now has a good connection and spends time with his daughter and so is at peace.
  • Someone was planning a baby for long, after the reading they had twins as I had told them they would and got back to me after a year to inform me and thank me.
  • A couple I know were facing issues in a new marriage after many years of a love affair, and doubt of extramarital flings, not-so-regular sex, no spark, etc. crept in. However regular guidance updates that the girl kept taking from me solved issues and now they are happy and settled well.
  • A baby born to a lady, when I did numerology for her I gave tips to her mom as to what all she needs to follow for her child, and make sure the baby does as she grows, starting from a month old, she religiously followed it and today the baby is 10 years old having a successful career of a child model since she was 2 yrs old other than being great at her studies. They are doing so well that In fact, they have now shifted to Australia.
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